Who made it?

Our team develops software since 1998. Bildero is ready to use image server* software, coded in most effective language c++.


What is Bildero about?

On-demand, server-side, image scaling and modification, controlled via the query string.


Where is this used extensively?

  • E-commerce - for better user experiences, product images are always needed in few resolutions.
  • Mobile websites - one source image for desktop and mobile.
  • Responsive web design - now not only your template but also images are fully responsive.
  • Agile web development - eliminating the download-Photoshop-upload cycle can save hours per day.
  • Photography sites, social networks, mobile apps and much more.


What else is it called?

  • Single-source imaging
  • Dynamic image resizing
  • Server-side resizing


Bildero Image Server fits easily into your existing Web infrastructure. The server communicates directly with the client browser, so the only change to your site is to edit URLs in the source image tags.


* An image server is web server software which specializes in delivering (and often modifying) images. Source Wikipedia.

    Bildero Image Server deliveres high-resolution, detailed and interactive images that your customers can zoom into, pan across and experience. Better visual information means higher conversion rates, fewer returns and happier customers. Images adapt to every device.


    Bildero Image Server reduces production costs by reducing the number of images required. Our single source serving approach uses just one image that can be altered as it is served. Fewer images and much lower data transfer means lowers costs for both sides.  


    The Dynamic Imaging solution eliminates human bugs and time-consuming tasks such as storing and retouching multiple images of the same merchandise. The customization tool let your Web staff, create, edit and manage static and zoomable images quickly and easily.

Bildero Image Server

Bildero provides collection of tools allowing customizing your images on the fly and presenting them on-line. With Bildero Player you are able to present very high quality and 360 degree images on any device with less traffic usage.

Bootstrap 3 responsive images

With this solution images on your Bootstrap 3 website are trully fully responsive with just simply JavaScript. Don't miss up this feature!

Make your <img> responsive

Try bildero as a developer!

1. Add "deb bildero main" to yours /etc/apt/sources.list
2. Download the key "wget -O - -q | apt-key add -"
3. Execute this commands "apt-get install bildero-server", "apt-get update"

After installation test it Here

  • Responsive Images

    From now your web page is fully responsive, including pictures!

    Learn more

  • 2D Images Zoom

    We're delivering pictures which could be zoom into, pan across - no matter how big they are!

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  • 360 Images Solution

    With our solution your cutomers are able to view your product from any angle.

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  • Customization Tool

    Our tool can crop, rotate, invert colours, adjust brightness etc. more quickly than human.

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  • Support for many formats

    The Bildero server has broad capabilities of working and serving many different file formats.

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  • Easy to install

    It's a piece of cake, everything you need to do is installing .deb file.

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Example of Bildero Player:
Manage all your images from one place, create sets of images and much more with our image management tool.
Work with single image and serve unlimited variations. Use masks to change textures of your products!
Access your images worldwide even without downloading any software!