Bildero Image Server Solutions

What is the Bildero Image Server?

The Bildero Image Server is a complete system for storing, processing and distributing high resolution images via the Internet with particular focus on serving them. This Server allows for optimal serving images in different modes and sizes, including also dynamic and interactive, as well as  effective and fast images transmission via the Internet and Intranet. The Bildero Image Server is a scalable software of the enterprise class, designed for development a web software for:

• Electronic sales systems (Internet shops)
• Internet auctions
• Social portals
• Corporate Intranets and Extranets
•  Internet (Online) product catalogues
• B2B systems
• Travel agencies
• Real estate agencies
• Blogs
• Corporate websites
• Classifieds services
• and many others…

We created also the Bildero Application which allows to use all capabilities of the Bildero Image Server. So the combination of the Image Server and the Bildero Application provides to webmasters interactive players for advanced online presentations of digital images, it also enables using the desktop application for image files upload or using the web application for your own files management.

Why use the Bildero Image Server?

This solutin is extremely helpful for all who want to create professional and efficient websites rich in interactive high resolution images. Unlike web servers, the image server is involved only  in serving images but it successfully cooperates with  web servers to increase operational efficiency for serving images. As an adjunct component, it is easily integrated into existing systems architecture.

The Bildero technology significantly speeds up creating, storing, managing and delivering online digital image contets. It is highly helpful to software engineers, administrators, designers, webmasters, programmers while developing cutting edge e-commerce websites.

Thanks to the Bildero solution you can provide the highest quality visual information online in professional and most effective way.

The Bildero solution is extremely efficient:

  • no work and storage for each variation of the same image
  • fast upload and download
  • higly professional management system

The Bildero solution promotes high resolution digital photo online:

  • everyone can upload the biggest image straightforward from their camera on the website
  • high resolution, huge images are delivered online in split seconds
  • user gets zoom, pan, details instantly on the fly

The Bildero is a powerful solution to maximaze e-commerce development:

  • online shop customers get detailed images of products with one click, on the fly,
  • virtual shops are crowded with buyers who make conscious decisions on their purchase because they almost touch their products online

For advanced users we offer API which enables e.g. images uploading or removing and also own server management.

improved bidding and conversion

Professional-looking listings with detailed images builds confidence with buyers. They will buy with confidence.

simple to use

Bildero Zoom requires no special software. Simply upload a high resolution image and we`ll do the rest.

auctions / shops

If you use online actions or own an online shop, Bildero Zoom is perfect for you.

detail on demand

Users can zoom in on details without waiting for multiple large images to load.


Secure your images with watermark.


We will be releasing plugins for MAGENTO™ shop, WORDPRESS™ blog and many more on-line applications.



Bildero Image Server works with global balancing cdn whereby data is routed to the topologically "nearest" or "best" node.